Buying Your Home

1. Meet & Gather Information

The very first step on the road to a new home is for us to meet (in person, virtually or by phone), and gather information. During this first meeting, we'll get to know you and your goals, wants, and needs and you’ll get to know us as well. This will help us both to ultimately determine if we want to work together. We'll take this time to explain how we work and our plan to represent and guide you through every step of the process.

We'll confirm what you're looking for in a home and create your ultimate wishlist. This wishlist should include your likes, dislikes, and must-haves so we can begin narrowing down the homes on the market that fit your criteria. We will also go over the paperwork that is needed to establish us as your representatives and the contracts that are used to present offers to sellers.

Salt Lake City Foothill Condo
Imperial Kitchen (450 x 450 px)

2. Get Pre-Qualified

It would be so discouraging to fall in love with a home that's simply outside of your price range. To avoid this pitfall, the next step is to get pre-approved for a loan with the lender of your choice. Having this pre-approval allows you to focus on looking at homes that not only match your wishlist criteria, but more importantly, fit within your price range. We have several seasoned lenders that can assist with the pre-approval process and help make it a smooth and easy experience.

If you are a cash buyer, great! The process is simplified for sure – just know that evidence of the funds will be needed at the time of an offer in the form of a letter from the bank or redacted account statements.

3. Find Your Home

Setting up a customized search is an art form. Sometimes small or obscure criteria can include undesirable properties or even worse eliminate properties that would be top of the list. As such, we thoroughly review and tweak our searches regularly to make sure that all the potential listings that might work are sent to you. And not only will we send you listings that meet your criteria, but we'll continue to send daily updates of new listings and price reductions so you can monitor the market in real time. You can mark your favorites and we will arrange to see them together. Then you can narrow things down and decide which home is the one!

Home Exterior 6 (450 x 450 px)
Home Entry 1 (450 x 450 px)

4. Write an Offer

Once you’ve selected a home, we’ll provide detailed information on the value of the property so you can make an informed decision on price along with competitive terms This includes offer dates, contingencies such as inspection and appraisal, and personal property that stays with the home. All of these aspects of an offer are important in our volatile market and ignoring even one of them could result in failed negotiations. We’ve got decades of experience here and you can depend on us to represent you and your interests at all times.

5. Contract to Close

Upon offer acceptance, we’ll go over each step of the process with you so you know exactly what is next. We'll help arrange for any inspections and testing that you would like to have completed on the home and assist with any follow-up negotiations needed based on the results. We know this process thoroughly and will guide and advise you so that the home is ready for you when you close. We also monitor your loan processing and will facilitate getting access for appraisers and any confirming documentation is sent to lenders as needed for your loan. Lastly, we will schedule your closing and review the final numbers with you to confirm that all of the details are in order.

Living Room 2 (450 x 450 px)
Home Sweet Home 1 (450 x 450 px)

6. Close and Celebrate!

Congratulations! It's time to close on your dream home.

Closing on a home is different in various areas of the country. Here in Utah, by the Settlement deadline, the final paperwork is signed by both buyer and seller. Then, loan funds are wired into escrow. This can happen same day, or can take longer (usually 24 hours, but up to 4 business days). After this the recording of the deed at the county happens. Once we are notified of recording, you'll get the keys and be the owner of your new home!


Take your first step today.