Floor Plans

One of the top requests by buyers when searching for a home is if the listing includes the floor plan. To help your home appeal to as many buyers as possible, we create a floorplan for all our listings. When combined with tours and photos, floor plans give buyers a complete visual of your home.

Why you need a Floor Plan

A floor plan is an essential part of helping a buyer visualize your home. It provides a unique birds eye view that aids a buyer in imagining themselves in the home and picturing it as a possibility for their future home.  Floor plans are becoming something that you need to have when selling your home. Just like photos have become a standard piece of marketing that are expected – and generally required – the floor plan is something that buyers expect.

The Advantages of a Floor Plan

Having a floor plan of your home for sale is just another small but powerful piece of marketing. In combination with drone tours, photos, and virtual staging, a floor plan provides buyers with a complete and comprehensive vision of your home.

Floor Plan on Computer

Top Reasons for a Floor Plan

  • Buyers want it and are beginning to expect it. Not having it can be a real turn
  • Helps buyers visualize your home (especially in conjunction with the drone tour!)
  • Helps direct the buyers that really want that style of home your way.
  • Expands upon and gives more precise info on a home (i.e where the bathrooms are located in relation to bedrooms or where the entrances of a home are located)

Ready to Sell Your Home (with a floorplan)?