How We Market Your Home

We know what works.

So many factors go into the successful sale of a home. Important details like price, marketing and prelisting home preparation are just a few of those factors that you need to consider. We know that selling your home is a big decision and it’s important to work with agents who have the best technology and tools with the expertise and knowledge to use them. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience while utilizing these tools to create a custom blend of digital and in person marketing to help sell your home quickly and for the most amount of money. You will always know what is going on with consistent updates and regular communication. When you work with us, you can rest assured knowing that you and your home are in the best hands because we know real estate.


We Start with an Indoor Drone Tour

As real estate marketing continues its steady march into the future, the tools and technology we use to help market your home are constantly being updated to keep up with change. Something that sets us apart from other agents is our use of indoor drone “fly-through” tours, created using professional drones, cameras, and software, along with the many, many hours of pilot training to develop the skill to navigate the tighter passageways of a typical home.

This provides prospective buyers with a first person POV walk-through of your home before they even schedule a showing. For some buyers it even  replaces the first showing. This coupled with our professional photography gives buyers the opportunity to visualize your home while looking at the details in the online listing.


Professional Photography

We pride ourselves in providing professional quality photos to best market your home. The photographers we work with provide high definition photos taken from the best angles and using the best lighting. They know what items to remove, or move, to make rooms stand out. When appropriate, twilight and aerial photography can be included to help showcase your home in every light from every angle. These photos are then used across the range of marketing and advertising pieces we use to best display your home and target the appropriate audience, well-qualified buyers.

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Virtual Staging

In conjunction with in-person showings, we are offer virtual staging. With virtual staging we can digitally add furniture and fixings to a home via photographs. We can even remove existing furniture and replace with a different style. These virtually staged photos are most effective in digital marketing, where most buyers start their search. They also can be blown up and placed on easels within the staged rooms to enhance the room (whether empty or furnished) to show it in alternative ways to buyers as they tour your home. Staging in this form allows the opportunity to showcase what a vacant home could look like without the concern, or rather large expense, of transporting furniture in and out. And it presents the unique opportunity to showcase a furnished home in multiple ways to entice a variety of potential buyers.


Social, Website, and Email

A synergistic approach to our digital marketing uses each channel to build the others. Our Social Media presence directs people to our website, which directs people to sign up for direct email communications. All of this brings greater exposure to your home!

Social Media Marketing. We share market updates, interesting information, and offer timely advice, constantly directing people to our listings on our website. Our reach extends to popular platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, ensuring maximum exposure for our client's homes.

Our Website, We create a unique page for each client's home, which serves as a 'single property website' collecting drone videos, photos, maps and all other relevant information. By placing this page on our existing website, we increase the search engine marketability, using the traffic and history of our site to increase page rankings. All of which increases your home's exposure.

Direct Email Marketing. An ever expanding network of clients, realtors, and potential buyers will receive emails from us.  These emails are visually appealing contain relevant and interesting information, including charity opportunities and chances to win gift cards and other prizes. They also include marketing about your listing. 

Social Media, our website, and our email marketing work together synergistically. Each channel helps grow the other channels.  With the end result of more people seeing your home.

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Supercharged Boost to Traditional Marketing

NEEDS UPDATING> By combining traditional marketing methods like property flyers, direct mail, open houses, and events with a strong digital media presence, we increase our visibility and reach a wider audience. For example, by promoting our open house events on social media or through targeted advertising, we can attract potential customers who may not have otherwise heard about the event. Synergy.


Our Market and Our Community

Having team members who have worked and lived in the markets we service for well over 2 decades, we strive to provide expert knowledge in the local area. When you decide to work with us, we will match our area expertise with your needs to really connect you with communities you will love.

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