Virtual Staging

When selling your home, the key is to put it in the best possible light which encourages the widest range of prospective buyers to see your home. Staging is a tactic often used for this purpose. It makes your home look nice and gives a buyer an example of how the home could look if they decide to purchase. But what if your home isn’t vacant or you don’t want to spend the money to fully stage your home? With virtual staging we can digitally add furniture and fixings to a home or remove existing furniture and replace it with a different style – all without moving furniture or requiring you to spend extra money to do it.

Original Room Virtually Staged

Why you need Virtual Staging

According to a survey performed by the National Association of Realtors, 81% of buyers’ agents said that staging a home made it easier for their buyers to visualize the staged home as a future home. Additionally, in this same survey, only 9% of buyer agents said that staging had no effect on a buyer. These numbers indicate that having some form of staging influences buyers. This is why we believe in providing virtual staging as an option for every seller we work with as a way to enhance their home’s marketability.

Original Virtually Staged
Original Virtually Staged

The Advantages (over physical staging)

The 2 biggest problems that sellers and agents run into with staging are 1) the home is not vacant so making space to stage is complicated, or 2) staging is an expensive and the added cost can be hard to justify when selling. Virtual staging solves both these problems. The cost of physical staging varies depending on how many rooms you stage, the size of the home and the style of the staging, however it tends to cost a minimum of several hundred dollars. Virtual staging is a fraction of the cost, and because we feel that it is so valuable we include it in our standard services. Lastly, because virtual staging is done on digital photographs, we can stage vacant homes without a moving crew and also furnished homes without moving the furniture. Then the staged photos can be used in online marketing, and displayed at the home on easels.

Top 5 Reasons for Virtual Staging

  • Allows buyers to visualize more options for your home.
  • Can be used on any home, regardless of size or price.
  • Gives you the value of staging without complications of moving any furniture
  • Is significantly less expensive to accomplish, but can be just as effective!
  • You don’t have to pay for it when you sell with us!

Ready to Virtually Stage Your Home?