Indoor Drone Tours

Advancing technology provides the opportunity for exciting new ways to present homes in any real estate market. A walkthrough drone tour of your home does just this – gives prospective buyers a way to virtually tour your home. Cutting edge marketing helps you get your home sold.

FPV Drones create captivating views in the first-person perspective, a seamless virtual tour experience that lets you maintain awareness as you move through the property. There is no arrow clicking to get around. Hit play and be flown room to room in minutes!

Why you need an Indoor Drone Tour!

When providing an indoor drone tour of your home you give prospective buyers a chance to walk through your home before they see it in person. For some, this makes a buyers first showing feel like the second showing. Also it puts your home at the top of the list for buyers who are forced to do their home search remotely. Not only is a drone tour an excellent way to allow buyers to preview your home, it is also a unique tool that is only rarely used by agents because of the skill set needed. An indoor drone tour sets your home apart from the competition.

The Advantages of a Drone Tour

There are a variety of ways to provide a virtual tour of a property – why choose a drone tour? A drone tour simulates a first person POV walkthrough of your home, showcasing how each room flows into the next and gives buyers a better sense of the home spatially before they decide to see the home in person. Other tours are nice, but they can be frustrating to navigate, confusing and require a lot of dragging, swiping and more. The often-requested Matterport tours require a lot of user interaction – which can lead to user frustration. This can discourage someone from seeing the property in question. An indoor drone tour provides a seamless experience that keeps the viewer in mind – all they need to do is click play.

Drone Pilot (Phil) hiding to fly the tour

Top 5 Reasons for an Indoor Drone Tour

  • Rare and unique marketing technique.
  • Opens your home up for more buyers to view.
  • Provides a better spatial feel for prospective buyers.
  • Sets your home apart from other competing properties.
  • Can be a good screening tool to confirm buyer interest
  • Included as part of our standard marketing plan

Ready for an Indoor Drone Tour of Your Home?